Jamabandi Haryana Online Nakal Download

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Jamabandi Haryana Online Nakal Download: Haryana Jamabandi Nakal is an online portal using which any person can get the land information of Haryana sitting at home. This online portal has been started by the Revenue Department of Haryana. Using this government portal, you can easily get any land map and land information with the help of your Khasra number or Khatauni number.

Citizens of every state want to get their land information immediately in a simple and clear way. Generally, to get the map of his land or the map of the field, the citizen has to visit different government offices, but at present, the government has started the Haryana Jamabandi Nakal portal, using which the citizen can get the information about his land sitting at home. can get information.

Jamabandi Haryana Online Nakal Download

Features of copying Haryana Jamabandi online

If you want to use the Jamabandi portal of Haryana, then definitely read about some of its special features and facts –

  • All the information present on the Haryana Jamabandi Portal has been taken by the Revenue Department of Haryana, due to which all the information available on it is official.
  • Using this portal, only the citizens of Haryana can get the land map of any Tehsil, District, Village, Town of their state and all kinds of information related to the land.
  • To get information about your land using this portal, you must know the Khasra number or Khatauni number of your land.

Benefits of Haryana Jamabandi Nakal Portal

The benefits that the citizens of Haryana will get from this portal are listed below – 

  • Haryana Jamabandi Nakal facilitates citizens to get complete information about their land sitting at home for free. 
  • By using this portal, citizens can get complete details of Haryana land records like Khasra Khatauni, online registration details, own land account, land map of his farm or other land.
  • The use of this portal is completely free and complete information about any land in Haryana can be obtained from mobile or laptop. 
  • The citizen of Haryana does not need to go to any government office to get any information related to the land.

Here Are The Steps On How To Download Jamabandi In Haryana:

  1. Go To The Jamabandi Haryana Website.
  2. Click On The “Nakal” Tab.
  3. Select The Type Of Jamabandi You Want To Download.
  4. Enter The Required Details, Such As Your Name, Village, Khewat Number, And Date Of Mutation.
  5. Click On The “Search” Button. 
  6. If Your Jamabandi Is Available, You Will Be Able To Download It In PDF Format.

Here Are Some Additional Things To Keep In Mind:

  • You Will Need To Create An Account On The Jamabandi Haryana Website In Order To Download Jamabandi.
  • You Can Only Download Jamabandi For Land That You Own.
  • The Jamabandi That You Download Will Be An Electronic Copy Of The Original Document. It Will Not Be A Certified Copy, So You May Need To Get A Certified Copy From The Patwari If You Need It For Legal Purposes.
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