About Us

About Us

Hi My Name is Rajat and I am the founder of RojgarFind.Com. I started work on Haryana RojgarFind.com about 2 year ago, as you all know, getting a government job in today’s time is a very difficult task, but the information about the Recruitment of Haryana. In view of the same thing, I started the RojgarFind.com portal, on which I started the work of putting information about all the Haryana jobs, government and private jobs in India.

When the audience came to know about our site, we got a good response from the audience, then we worked hard with the whole team and started writing and posting everything well on the site. After some time, our family has reached the number of lakhs.

Right now we are working on this website with 8 team members if you have any complaint or suggestion regarding the website then you can share directly by visiting contact us to support all you users so well I am sincerely grateful and hope that in future I will also keep providing all the information about all the jobs in Haryana in a good and fair manner. I wish you all the bright future.


Rajat Kumar 

Founder Of RojgarFind.Com

Email:- [email protected]